Erin Has “Skin In The Game” With Caerusnet

As an active Member of the Caerusnet Howell Thursday 9AM team since March, 2015, Erin Veres has surely become the voice of the skin care industry in her community.  She has faith in her Rodan+Fields products as well as her referral team partners and loves the opportunity to build her business the good old fashioned way … by word of mouth warm referrals.  Wendy Caverly, Chief Referral Officer of Caerusnet Connections and Facilitator of Erin’s Howell team, recently had an opportunity to collect her thoughts on entrepreneurial success.

WENDY:  How long have you been in your profession?
ERIN:  5 years now!

WENDY: How did you get into this field?
ERIN:  It was a divine gift!  With growing, more “independent” children, I found myself with extra time and I started to think of ways I could fill those voids.  But being on a strict schedule and having to ask for time off from work was a major negative for me.  Then along came my friend inviting me to her Rodan+Fields business launch.  And despite many efforts to ignore her, I went to the event and even said the famous last words, “Fine, I’ll go but I’m NOT buying a single thing!”  Well, I left there unexpectedly drawn to the products and the opportunity to build a business.  So after much prayer, I jumped in and still consider it a gift from God!

WENDY:  What is the best thing about your business/career?
ERIN: I love that it has grown my faith, given me the opportunity to tap into my natural gifts, allowed me to travel all over the US and blessed me with an amazing network of friendships.  It truly is a blessing!

WENDY: What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?
ERIN: I love the unique freedom of it!  No having to hold positions or have extra duties added to my already busy plate is what sealed the deal for me.  Knowing that Wendy has our backs and is deeply invested in the energy and success of our team keeps me coming back year after year.

WENDY:  Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors are beneficial to you.
ERIN:  Knowing that when are making the connection between two people, we can do it with full confidence that they will be taken care of because a Caerusnet partner is a solid, dependable and trustworthy referral partner. Our reputation is on the line too in these situations but never will I hesitate to make the introduction in this network.

WENDY: Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?
ERIN:  Always be listening and watching.  We live in a very connected world where everyone knows someone somewhere and today, we really only want recommendations from those who are trusted.  Caerusnet gives us that community to share from and to invite others to be a part of.

WENDY: What is your strategy with your member minute and your spotlight presentation?
ERIN:  Member minutes are my time to quickly highlight the foundation of my business and give ideas of how my teammates can be helpful (the ideal customer/business partner I’m looking for).  The spotlight is a great opportunity to go into a bit more detail and give them the language/tools they need so that when they are out and about and someone says “the magic words” that would be a perfect fit with Rodan+Fields, that I instantly pop into their minds for the referral.

WENDY:  What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?
ERIN:  My goal is to brand myself as their skincare go-to person. I want them to know I can connect them to what they need and that I genuinely love to help.  I’m passionate about what I do and I’m here for the long haul … I’m not going anywhere!

WENDY:  Any tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?
ERIN: Be a true partner.  Be their advocate and promoter within your own network and give them the confidence in knowing that you will take good care of their referrals every single time.

WENDY: Can you share how your Caerusnet members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals?
ERIN: I’ve been blessed with some wonderful friendships within our team…we tend to have a lot of fun and that’s what sets us apart.  Never do I leave a meeting regretting going and I don’t think there are too many other business building forums that can say that!

If you don’t already have a personal relationship with a Rodan+Fields skin care professional and have questions or concerns about skin care issues and/or would like to try the products, Erin would love to hear from you! Click here for Erin’s Caerusnet Member profile and connect today.

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