Doug Moffat’s Transformation From Caerusnet Member into Caerusnet Facilitator

The last time we sat down with Doug Moffat was in 2015.  At that time, he was working for a large insurance company and was a Member of the Brighton Wednesday 8AM team, of which he was also a founding Member.  Fast forward to today, Doug is now self-employed and enjoying his new found freedom to truly be himself and do things he’s passionate about.  Over the past two years, he also decided to switch from being a fantastic Caerusnet Member to being an equally awesome Caerusnet Facilitator. He actively leads two teams; one in Brighton and one in Ann Arbor.  As we begin the new year, we felt Doug would be a great person to catch up with.

How long have you been in your profession? 23 year now.  My dad encouraged me to give it a try.

What is the best thing about your business/career? Independence, impact and the opportunity for me to make real a difference in the world.   I work with business owners, executives and sales professionals, who also want to learn, grow and make a difference in the world, themselves.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?  An Optimal calendar of 30 highly productive and efficient 1-hour meetings which attract like-minded professionals looking to learn, grow and improve all the time. I find a lot of professionals who truly have a “Give First” mentality.

Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors are beneficial to you. Transitioning from a Member to a Facilitator has helped me see how essential it is for the Members to take personal ownership of the team and like it so much they want to tell other friends, colleagues and professionals about it. Both of my teams have grown because our Members are inviting visitors consistently.

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?

Be Curious! One of the my first great business mentors had “Curious George” as one of his top 5 Leadership books to emphasize how important it is for us to always be asking good questions, listening, and striving to help add value.

What is your strategy with your Member Minute and your 10 Minute Spotlight Presentation? Prepare, practice, be sure to educate and have fun! Make it a goal to have the “light bulb” go on for people on the team for who they can introduce you to next.

What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?

One of the big reasons I made a transition two years ago to being self-employed was so I could live and work in the same community, so I could go deeper with all the relationships around me. Finding the right balance of organizations to be a part of as well – I recommend people be part of a Caerusnet Referral Team, a service organization (I’m a Rotarian), a Chamber, a health/sports/fitness league or group, and a faith organization for starters.

Tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?  Having a positive attitude, bringing great energy and being consistent are keys in my book. It’s a marathon and not a sprint! Don’t keep score! Give with an abundant mindset and approach everything you do with an “open hands” mentality as well.

Share how your Caerusnet members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals.  The Members of my teams have helped me more than they know! They show up with a great attitude, a smile on their face and a readiness to learn, grow and give. Through “Positive Focus” and interaction during Toolbox training, we learn so much about each other.  We are building referral teams which really stand out from the others and provide so much value to everyone involved. I look forward to going to our meetings and feel energized when I leave.   Go Caerusnet!! Let’s have our best year ever in 2020!

Want to get in touch with Doug Moffat?  You can find him most Tuesday and Wednesdays facilitating his referral teams in Brighton and Ann Arbor.