Amber Keyes is always up for a challenge.  After a short while of attending Caerusnet meetings (initially representing the interests of the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce), she was bit by the entrepreneurial bug.  Amber found herself empowered and inspired by her fellow Caerusnet Members to start her own life & business coaching practice.  In addition to successfully starting her practice, Amber also empowers women entrepreneurs in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, known as The Goddesses of Opportunity Caerusnet all women’s referral teams.  She’s made a real impact in her first year of being in business for herself, so we were eager to catch up with Amber and collected a great story for you to enjoy.

How long have you been in your profession?  I’ve been in the business of empowerment and connecting since I was 14 years old, and it has taken many different forms in my life. I started my first referral team, Caerusnet Goddesses of Opportunity in March of this year (we added a second team in June), and I launched my coaching business around the same time.

How did you get into this field? I have always wanted to help people, and much of my career has been with the focused intent of helping people to LOVE what they do. I’ve worked in homelessness, I’ve worked in hr/recruiting, I’ve worked in business development and sale, and the consistent theme has been around helping empower people to find meaningful work or start successful small businesses.

What is the best thing about your business/career?  My mission in life is to help people find their spark, live their truth, and LOVE their lives. What I love most about Facilitating my teams and my coaching is having the opportunity to ensure that others are seen, heard, and celebrated for exactly who they are.

How are you different and/or what’s your niche?  In my Caerusnet teams I work exclusively with women and work to elevate and integrate the unique experiences of women in business.  Unlike many coaches, I have the educational background in social work and psychology. I have the skills and tools necessary to help my clients create a life they are in love with living. In my coaching I use Human Design which is a phenomenal tool for identifying one’s unique strategy of creating and interacting with the world around you. Human Design is instrumental in helping my clients re-write their narrative of shame, guilt, and comparison so that they can show up more fully in their relationships, families, and work. I work with individuals, businesses, and families all with the intention of creating more peace, ease, and prosperity, and I’ve helped people achieve incredible results.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?  I love the Trust Builder Meetings best. I love learning about who the person is behind the brand of their business. How did they get into this business? What (or who) is their why? This helps me to build confidence in my clients when I make referrals. I am not just referring you to a mortgage lender, I am referring you to my friend who takes pride in helping her clients navigate tricky credit situations and educate them on what is in their best interests.

Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors are beneficial to you.  Giving referrals is a win-win-win. It helps me to establish myself as a community leader with a phenomenal group of service providers to be a one-stop-shop for my clients. I am not here for one-and-done transactions. I have built a reputation for myself as someone who is always connecting people, and I want to be known as the person you would reach out to when you need to find a trusted resource locally.

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?
At the heart of everything is genuine connection. By building authentic relationships with our clients and do our best to serve the hell out of them, referrals come naturally. When we show up as our best selves, we attract others who are showing up as their best selves. I consider an invite to a Caerusnet meeting the highest compliment someone could pay you.

What is your strategy with your member minute and your Spotlight Presentation? In the member Spotlight it is important for me that my teams know who I am behind what I do. Relationships matter to me. Authenticity matters. Anyone can do any job, but no one can do my job with my passion, my vigor, and my sense of humor or innovation. When you send referrals my way, or invite another goddess to our team, you are creating income that allows me to keep my son safe, and happy, and healthy. You help me purchase books for homeschooling him. You are helping me to continue to develop myself through trainings and personal development. When you purchase a session with me that means that I can take my dog to the vet for her ongoing medical care. Where we spend our money matters. When we “buy local” we support local families. What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?  I am a walking talking local encyclopedia, and there is truly no greater joy in my life then connecting people to jobs, friends, referral partners, etc. My educational background as a social worker makes me an expert on building relationships and the ability to listen and reflect in an empowering and inspirational way. Helping individuals and groups to garner and harness the resources necessary to be successful is my MO. Since I moved to this area in 2010, I have met with THOUSANDS of professionals and if I make a personal connection with you, I will never forget you.

Tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?  Show up. Get to know each person on your team.  Lead by example, which in this instance means be willing to give 1,000 referrals for the joy of lifting your team, NOT with the expectation that now your team somehow owes you referrals as a quid pro quo. If you are only looking for what you can get out of Caerusnet, you a missing the point of this beautiful system.

Share how your Caerusnet members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals.    Facilitating my teams has been the biggest source of joy and satisfaction in my whole career. In my teams we focus not just on passing referrals but creating opportunities to share our audiences with one another. The Goddesses of Opportunity has a big focus on synergies, and I am continuously amazed to see Goddesses from seemingly divergent backgrounds are finding ways to serve the hell out of their clients. We’ve got a financial advisor and mindfulness coach working together on a program for teaching our kids to engage with money thoughtfully. I’ve had a real estate agent and decluttering coach work on door hangers for people getting ready to sell their homes without the shame of having people walk through their lived-in home.


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