Chris Sabolik’s MOVING Caerusnet Success Story

12391925_1082533058447709_2445324515572938506_nSince first joining Caerusnet in January, 2011, Chris Sabolik of Morse Moving in Belleville, has been one of the most referred-to Members of his Tuesday 1PM Ann Arbor Caerusnet team.  At the team meetings, Chris shares “moving” success stories and always finishes with a great tag line, “You’re friends don’t want to move you, but I do!”  We recently had a chance to interview Chris about his Caerusnet success.

Chris, how long have you been in your profession?

“I have been in the moving industry for 16 years. I started off working on the trucks while I was attending Eastern Michigan University. I was soon promoted to operations manager and spent about four years overseeing and managing daily operations.  Later, I was asked to step into sales and take over the Ann Arbor market. Ann Arbor is probably one of the top markets in the Midwest to consult and cultivate sales. So it was kind of like a dream come true for me.”

What would you say is the best part about your job?  I’m always on the fly and in a different situations; a different house every day. I likely estimate around 500 moves a year and always get a different scenario at each quote.  I get to meet great home owners on a daily basis which usually opens up a lot of referral opportunities (and this are where I find most of my referral leads).

11903785_1152375174777655_1717575792924257511_nWhat is it about the Caerusnet model that you like the most? The one thing that I like most is that every meeting is facilitated. I know that at every meeting, a motivated Facilitator will be there to make sure it is a successful one. I stay away from a lot of other networking groups just because they are Member-Facilitated. With my business being somewhat seasonal, I am often working 60 plus hours a week in the busy season. The last thing I need is to have the pressure of being elected or to be in charge of running a networking group. It is more work than you think having to come up with a curriculum, having to police any conflict or group issues. I cannot imagine having to have to take on that huge responsibility during my busy season. I really appreciate the fact that I always have the same go-to Facilitator to make sure things run smooth and the group is inspired and passing meaningful business.

Do you have a strategy with your Member Minute and your Spotlight? I really try to take that time to show what separates me12316160_10208215244768561_7559887364203990899_n from my competitors. There are hundreds of moving companies in Michigan and the competition is fierce. So I really try to educate people on why Morse Moving, year after year, moves more people than any other company. I also really try to show people the whole picture. Anyone can stand up for their Member Minute and talk about jobs that went flawless and perfect. I like to talk about the jobs that did not go so perfect and what my company and I did to fix it. I truly feel the goal of the Member Minute is to gain trust in your group. Once you have that trust, the referrals are going to come. If someone does not have that trust in you or your service there is no way they are going to stick their neck out and refer you.

What are some tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?

It is very easy to be successful in this networking group!  Take the time to gain the trust of your fellow Members- whether it’s sitting down 13124690_1017904008291753_2187371232862296096_nfor a Trust Builder Meeting, or just making sure you are delivering on a referral you received. I have been a Caerusnet Member for a long time and have seen a lot of Members come and go. It is amazing some of the relationships I have built and maintained. I get so many referrals from people who are in Caerusnet and ones from people who are no longer even in the group and I haven’t seen in years. They don’t have to stick their name out and refer me but they do. Why? They do it because they trust me and know I am going to take care of friend or client every time. Trust and professionalism is what makes you successful in a Caerusnet networking group.

Want to connect with Chris Sabolik?  Email: csabolik@morsemoving  Tel: 734-740-2072

Interviewed by Ava Zyskowski, The Wellness Ladybug.