Caerusnet Teams That Overcame Challenges & Now Flourish

In the not too distant past, both the Brighton Tuesday 8AM and Canton Thursday 1PM Caerusnet teams were both experiencing shrinking pains.  Each team was losing more Members than they were gaining and it got to a point that it was necessary to call a “time out” from the regular meeting agenda.  At one time, each team was in the mid-teens.  However, each team was reduced down to a size of approximately eight Members each.

During an off-script meeting, Zyskowski met with each team and they discussed in the open the dwindling membership size and the dysfunctions it created.  Each Member was asked if they still had the desire to be part of an active referral team and to help it attract new Members … or if they had enough and wanted to throw in the towel.

Steve Zyskowski, Caerusnet founder and Facilitator of the two teams commented, “When teams lose a lot of Members, it can be an energy drain on everyone as it’s disappointing to see people quit.  But the fact of the matter is, not everyone is cut out to make it in the world of referrals.  Businesses go out of business every day.  People change professional fields.  Some people aren’t focused.  Some people are distracted.  No matter, I take what I do very seriously and am here to help teams be successful.  The Members of both Brighton Tuesday 8AM and Canton Thursday 1PM all recommitted to making greatness happen.


After briefly returning to running “Core Team” styled meetings (since the sizes of each team had fallen to under 10 Members each),  today both teams are fast approaching or have passed the 20 Membership size mark.

“We overcame challenges together and today, they are two of my favorite team meetings to Facilitate because we’ve built relationship sweat equity together and you can feel the synergy as a result.” Zyskowski added.

Hats off to the Members of both of these teams! If building great referral teams was easy, everybody would be doing it.  With Caerusnet’s vision of a partnership between Members and their Facilitator, the sky’s the limit to the continued success they will have!