Caerusnet Members READY To Refer!

by Steven Zyskowski, The Referral Guy

At Caerusnet, we want to help our Members develop a referral mindset.  This will help Members develop more referrals coming from their existing customers as well as from the Members of their Caerusnet team(s).  So, what’s the most sure footed route to receiving good referrals?  By passing good referrals as Members and setting the bar high for others to follow.  Making good referrals to other Members will create the desire in the them to return the favor.


Are YOU ready to make referrals happen?  Take a look at the images featured in this post.  You will see general contractor, Mike Hahn ( with his Caerusnet business card portfolio tucked into the side door of his work truck.  Mike keeps his portfolio with him at all times so when he spots a referral opportunity for a Member of his Wednesday 8AM Brighton Caerusnet team, Mike is ready to act by passing business cards.  He also keeps plenty of the Caerusnet Referral Passing Rack Cards close by so when he passes referrals, they are organized and thoughtful.

Also pictured is State Farm  insurance agent, Melissa Schwartz in her office listening closely to a client claim over the telephone.  Melissa keeps her Caerusnet business card portfolio present and on display right in her office, so referring Members of her Howell Thursday 1PM team is top of mind … and her portfolio is always within reach.

Developing a referral mindset is simply increasing awareness of opportunities and then being ready to act by helping people in ways they aren’t expecting (like making good referrals).  When Members decide to make the business card portfolio a well used tool for referral passing the odds at their success in referrals increases greatly in their favor.  So, it may be in your best interest to start developing a referral mindset like Mike Hahn. Melissa Schwartz and hundreds of other Caerusnet Members in Michigan.