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Joy Dettling

Ignite Life
Perception Reframing, Healing & Biofield Tuning

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Working with a coach is different than working with anyone else. Whereas other types of practitioners will have limits because they help you with a specific method, a coach can bring together multiple modalities and disciplines. Instead of focusing on one area of your life or health, we will look at every aspect from every direction. You can expect to explore your health and life on a physical, mental, emotional and purposeful level to ensure deep and lasting change in your health and life. You are a unique individual with a unique history, health profile, constitution and personality. When you work on-on-one with a coach, you can expect a completely customized experience that caters to your individual needs. You have probably tried many solutions that are put out to the masses and found that they do not work for you. That is because these mass solutions are not addressing your unique needs.It’s time to honor your individuality and start your unique path to self-healing.