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Aida Dismondy

Albex Law P.C.
Small Business, Gov. Contracts, Export Controls

39111 W. six Mile Rd.
Livonia, MI 48152
phone: 734-746-5006
cell: 734-674-5922

Our clients are already successful in what they do. They are part of our country's aerospace and defense industry. As a result, they need to comply with complex regulations. Non compliance leads to major business disruptions. For small businesses it could mean closing the doors for good. We help small business owners deal with problems before they happen. We are a boutique law firm that draws from our experience in house and our multi-cultural background to support our clients. In addition to advising and counseling on International Trade, and Anti-corruption, we also offer our clients services as of a Compliance Focused General Counsel ™. Through our work we advice and counsel clients to address potential legal risk, address compliance issues, reduce the chance of government investigations, be prepared for crisis, handle government investigations, and manage legal projects. Our services are for you if you are looking to have a legal advisor in your team and want to manage your investment in legal services. ​

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